A fresh new look

We are proud to announce that our new company site is available at:


Simple, colored and animated. Our new site layout is based on these three features, which also reflect the spirit of our company.

First of all there is the simplicity. The site navigation is led by the right-top menu bar, which is split into the three kinds of products that we make: educational videogames, learning applications and development resources. A fourth category collects all information about the company, such as who we are and how to contact us.

Each category has a specific color, which is shown as the underline of menu labels and used as a base color in pages of each category. We have chosen the orange to express the energy that is generated by the videogames that we develop to improve learning for students at any age and place, both at school or work. The red reflects the desire to change that our learning applications can provide to teachers and trainers. The blue refers to the digital world which is built by the developers who can benefit from our resources (guides, add-ons, and much more). Lastly, the green is for basil leaves that are part of our company name and a reference to our origin.

Colors are also in the several images along the site, which we have given a touch of vitality to describe the real essence of videogames.

Moving to site contents, the homepage contains the goals that we pursue developing and making available our products to the following three user segments: students and employees, teachers and trainers, development teams. There are also described ideas that we rely on in order to add those characteristics that are needed to improve the learning process of each segment, regardless of the sense that it could take.

In the next few weeks we will announce new details about our products, activating a dedicated page for each of them. We cannot wait for telling you more details about what we are working on, so please follow us on our social channels to make sure you do not miss out the upcoming news.