About us

DIGIBL Studio - Digital Basil Leaves is an innovative start-up that aims to improve the traditional learning methods. Using the idea that games can be a tool to share knowledge, we develop videogames and other interactive solutions to catch the attention of students and, at the same time, to be as easy and customizable as possible to be used by teachers.

We are interested in any kind of learning, without limiting ourselves only to school learning. We extend our solutions and services to corporate training, which requires that employees can receive an adequate training to keep their skills up to date and to learn new ones.

We believe in values of cooperation and sharing. We base most of our solutions on open-source products and we contribute to the community of developers publishing part of our tools with the same mode. Finally, we create guides and other learning materials to share our skills about videogame development.

Our history

  1. Company establishmen

    Our journey has started